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I am Nicole Mölders (aka Carmen N. Moelders), your professor of Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences. Welcome to ATM601, ATM401, and CHEM601 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences

Teaching experience

Since 1995, in Germany and the United States, I have taught cloud physics, satellite meteorology, physical hydrometeorology, paleoclimatology, parameterization of hydrometeorological processes, numerical modeling and parameterization methods, mesoscale dynamics, introduction to computational meteorology and introduction to atmospheric sciences.

I am one of the authors of the book Lectures in Meteorology that we will use in this class.

Lectures in Meteorology

Research Interests

I am interested in human impacts on weather and air quality. I am the author of Land-use and Land-cover changes – impacts on climate and air quality.

Let me know what your research interests are. I am curious and would love to tailor class applications to the students’ interests.

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I am a fashion and style blogger.

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