Unit 15

OH reactions. From: Mölders and Kramm (2014)

Learning goal

  • Explain the gas phase chemistry of the clean and polluted troposphere
  • Analyze the Chapman cycle and explain the ozone hole
  • Produce and solve equations of gas phase chemisrty

Students’ Tasks

    1. Watch this video on the material that will be discussed in class
  1. Read chapters 5.2.5 to (included) of Lectures in Meteorology and take notes as guided in the questionaire.
  2. Be able to present the material learned.
  3. Please answer the questionnaire by 1500 AST the day before the next class.

You can find the powerpoint presentation here.

Worked problems (optional)

The video below gives an example of a worked problem on the triad-NO-NO2-O3. It combines aspects from this unit, last unit and thermodynamics.

The video below shows a worked problem example related to the Chapman cycle.

Class work

In class, we will discuss the problems in this work sheet, among other things.