Unit 24

Climate analysis methods

In this unit, we will look at how overall climate concepts are derived from many observations of the same process. This means we will lift the secret that many concepts were based on.


Learning goals

After completion of this unit students will be able to synthesize concepts of thermodynamics, atmospheric chemistry, cloud physics and chemistry, radiation and dynamics to analyse processes in the troposphere and assess their consequence for weather and climate.

Students’ Tasks

  1. Review the sections of chapters 5 and 6 of Lectures in Meteorology that you were assigned at your class level in prior units.
  2. Read chapter to (included).
  3. Add relevant equations and constants to the sheet with the essential equations and constants you started for the previous unit.
  4. Participate in the discussion channel of this unit on the discussion board
  5. Identify what you do not understand or want me to go over during the phone conference.

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