Unit 3

Zeroth and First Law of Thermodynamics

In this unit, we will look at how to measure temperature in the atmosphere and identify how the first law of thermodynamics can be applied to the atmosphere, i.e. which atmospheric terms correspond to heat, work, and chemical potential. This unit is an important step towards the derivation of the energy equation and equation for temperature prediction, which we need to describe the thermal conditions of the atmosphere.

From: Mölders and Kramm (2014)
From: Mölders and Kramm (2014)

Learning goal

After this unit the student is able to

  1. apply the zeroth and first law of thermodynamics to analyze atmospheric thermodynamics.
  2. identify the meteorological processes that correspond to work, chemical potential and heat, i.e. how to express the first law of thermodynamics in meteorological terms.

Students’ Tasks

  1. Watch this video on the material that will be discussed in class

  2. You can download the slides of the video.

  3. Read chapter 2.4 to (included) of Lectures in Meteorology
  4. Be able to present the material learned
  5. Fill out the questionnaire and submit it by 1500 AST the day before class.
  6. Take the quiz. It will be graded.

Student self assessment (optional)

Question 1
Question 2

Class work

These applications will be tackled in class, among others.