Unit schedule and firm due times

This schedule lists what will be covered by the class and applications, and which units have to be completed in which week. Note that it is your responsibility to keep up with the schedule!

Important information applicable to all units

I will not accept any late submissions unless approved in writing prior to the due date. Submitting the questionnaires, and application assignments in time (2359 AST on Thursdays) is essential for your grade.  If you fail to submit the assignments and questionnaires in time, you will get an F on the respective unit.

OIT problems

If you have technical problems or questions that are not related to the material check the FAQ first. If you have questions on the material, email your question and clearly describe what you did not understand and where you are struggling.

Unit due times

All units are due on Thursday at 2359 Alaska time of the respective week in the semester. Note in some weeks more than one unit may be due. It is recommended to first finish a unit before working on the next higher unit as material builds on each other.

Time in the semester Material covered Assigned units
Week 1 Structure of the atmosphere unit 1
Week 1 Gas laws and their application to meteorology unit 2
Week 2 Zeroth and first law of thermodynamics: unit 3
Week 3 Second law of thermodynamics and its application to meteorology unit 4
Week 3 Moist air unit 5
Week 4 Phase Transition processes unit 6
Week 4 Stratification and Stability unit 7
Week 5 Air mass modification unit 8
Week 5 Cloud microphysical processes unit 9
Week 6 Mid-term TBA
Week 7 Cloud morphology unit 10
Week 7 Atmospheric radiation – nomenclature and basic concepts unit 11
Week 8 Shortwave and long-wave radiation, radiation transfer and global energy budget unit 12
Week 8 Application of radiation in remote sensing unit 13
Week 9 Basic concepts of atmospheric chemistry unit 14
Week 9 Troposhperic and stratospheric gasphase chemistry unit 15
Week 10 Aqueous phase chemistry unit 16
Week 10 Aerosols and biogeochemical cycles unit 17
Week 11 Vorticity and Navier Stokes equation unit 18
Week 11 Scale analysis and balanced flows unit 19
Week 12 Thermal wind, advection, and primitive equations unit 20
Week 12 Waves and Bjerknes polar frontal model unit21
Week 13 Conveyor belt model unit22
Week 13 Local and regional climate unit23
Week 14 Climate analysis methods unit 24
Week 15 Review for final Review on your own terms. The upcoming office hour is your last chance for asking for clarification
Week 16 Finals Location and time TBA


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