Unit 14

odd oxygen
Odd oxygen. From: Mölders and Kramm (2014)

Learning goal

After this unit students can

  • Explain the basic terminology of atmospheric chemistry
  • Produce and solve chemical reaction equations
  • Explain the link between radiation and atmospheric chemistry, photolysis and absorption
  • Apply the thermodynamic concepts of enthalpy and Gibbs free energy and the radiation concepts to solve atmospheric chemistry problems

Students’ Tasks

  1. Review the the sections on enthalpy and Gibbs free energy in the thermodynamics and the sections on absorption in the atmospheric radiation chapter. Be aware that this unit builds on knowing and understanding those concepts.
  2. Watch this video on the material that will be discussed in class
  3. Read chapters 5. to (included) of Lectures in Meteorology and take notes.
  4. Create an equation and constant sheet in the form we did this for earlier units. You should have developed a good grasp by now to recognize the key equations. Hint: Among others, put the “recipe” formulas on your equation sheet.
  5. Be able to present the material learned.
  6. Answer the questionnaire by 1500 AST the day before the next class.

You can find the powerpoint presentation used in the movie at the link.

Worked problem

You can find a worked problem on NO2 photolysis and radiation in the video below.

You can find a worked problem on NO2 dissociation in the video below.

Class work

We will apply the learned material to solve the task given in this work sheet.