Unit 8

Air Mass Formation and   Modification

So far we discussed the thermo-dynamical characteristics and the processes that an individual air parcel experiences and how they affect the characteristics of the air parcels. This unit will scale these to the concept of air masses and the movement of air masses under the aspect of the origins of synoptic weather forecasts.

Learning goal

Synopsis of the material learned so far

After completion of this unit students will be able to

  • Apply material learned in previous units to a new problem
  • Classify air masses and discuss the properties and formation
  • Interpret air mass modification, and their meteorological consequences for weather, climate and air quality

Students’ Tasks

  1. Watch this video on the material that will be discussed in class
  2. Read chapters 2.11 to 2.11.5 (included) of Lectures in Meteorology and take notes
  3. All students: Participate in the discussion channel of this unit on the discussion board
  4. Fill out the questionnaire.
  5. Solve the Unit 8 problems (which review units 1-8)   assigned at your class level and submit them to cmoelders@alaska.edu by Thursday 2359 AST.

Supplemental Material

You can find the slides used in the video here.

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