Review Part 1

Cat studying. Click the image to animate. From:
Cat studying. Click the image to animate. From:

Learning goals

After completion of this unit students will be able to synthesize concepts of hydrostatics, thermodynamics, cloud physics and radiation to analyze processes in the troposphere.

Students’ Tasks

  1. Review the in-class problems of chapters 2 to 4.
  2. Review these chapters of Lectures in Meteorology if necessary to understand why we solved the problems in a certain way or made a certain assumption.
  3. Prepare one of the problems from last year’s final exam from the thermodynamic or radiation sections for presentation on the board.
  4. Prepare a sheet with the essential equations and constants.
  5. Identify what you do not understand or want me to go over during the in-class time (30 minutes will be devoted for this review).
  6. Send me you written questions/requests via this form by 1500 AST the day before the next class